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The Portland Trail Blazers, colloquially known as the Blazers, are an American professional basketball team based in Portland, Oregon. The Trail Blazers compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the league's Western Conference Northwest Division. The team played its home games in the Memorial Coliseum before moving to Moda Center in 1995 (called the Rose Garden until 2013).

Paul mentioned, "Watched the Portland Trailblazers play against the Lakers. Good game, but shameful treatment of handicapped person in a wheel chair that was watching the game. Cheer leading drummer kept pounding his drum in the disabled mans ear. The man in the wheel chair flinched at every beat. When it was brought to the drummer's attention, it did not make him stop, only drummed louder. One of the most insensitive displays I've ever seen. Shameful Blazers."


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hookd says

"Gametime would not refund my money for a canceled event. I will NEVER shop with them again."

Timothy (Seattle) says

"The refund process is terrible. I wish I hadn't bought tickets. I ordered them for a Canadian game for a Canadian trip and the game was cancelled due to Corona in March and they kept my money and said it might get rescheduled. I asked for a refund and they said no. They waited until the NHL cancelled the entire season (June) Then gave me an account credit, but only after I emailed them asking now that the season was cancelled can I get my refund. Like I'm going to even see a game of any sport or show with a crowd in the next few years. GTFO of here with that. I declined the credit and asked for a refund and was straight ignored. I will not use them again and they stole $230. It specifically says on the website you can get a refund or they may offer you a credit. Shady. Greedy. And taking advantage of people during a pandemic. 0/10 will not use again."

Jared Ireland says

"Terrible customer service in dealing with the March 11th, Thunder vs Jazz cancelled game. They made me jump through hoops and continuously follow up with them to check the status of my tickets/found with me for weeks on a refund until I had to research the company myself and go up the ladder. I spent hours and hours speaking with multiple employees. After I got to the top to explain my situation, I received an email stating a refund was in process finally. It was so simple and the made damn near impossible for me. Won’t be using GameTime anymore and I advise everyone else not to as well."

Cindy Johnson says

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